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Technical Analysis Signals NOW LIVE!


Date: April 1st 2023

In our End of Year Summary of 2022 we highlighted a number of key targets we intended to deliver to add value to our subscribers in 2023. And we’ve delivered on a major milestone to this effect… As of today Technical Analysis Signals are now LIVE from your subscriber panel!!

So, what does this look like? Well, if you’re already subscribed you’ll see the new section in your panel which shows your first signals have already been published! In time we will add video links too, but our Graphics Designer has been ill lately, so we’ve had to push this back a bit.

What’s the purpose of our TA Signals?
These Signals are for a very specific purpose! These are high time frame charts only. These Signals are for "Spot Limit" only. There will be no leverage, futures, options or any other kind of market. Our Signals are for long-term Investors, not short-term Day Traders.

The Signals we deliver will help provide you information on where ideal entry and exit points may be over long-term durations. As an example:

  • If you’ve been with $NEAR since early 2021 and you’re considering exiting, we’ll provide opinions on potential price points to take your profits.
  • If you’re interested in entering $TLOS, we’ll provide potential options to enter and secure your long term investment.

Fomophobe will also be offering educational information to explain a bit of the indicators and technical theories he uses; Why he uses them; When he uses them, Where he sources them from and more. His first Signals posted today have included a brief explanation of the Elliot Wave Theory.

Fomophobe is someone we’ve been keeping an eye on for a long time. He has the requisite technical knowledge & educator skillset to ensure you will find huge value in what he delivers! He’s also in the final year of his Bachelors in Economics. So he’s got his finger on the pulse of global macro events too! He covers this regularly via his Twitter account (I’ll share the link at the bottom).

His primary focus will be finding opportunities for Projects we’ve audited, but when he comes across something else, he’ll post that signal. He has free license to act, after all, he’s the expert!

He will be posting on a weekly basis, with a monthly special too. We’ve enabled a limited number of emojis so you can directly express your feedback on his Signals.

It should go without saying of course. But like with any member of the MGH Team, Fomophobe is not a qualified financial advisor. All content he provides are for educational and entertainment purposes only!

Got that out the way at least! Haha!

What if you’re interested in other types of Trading?
If you are interested in other types of trading, such as Leverage, I’ve been sub-contracted to the Birb Nest for an extended duration. And the team of technical analysts there are also of an extremely high calibre, but in different ways. For members of the “Nest Club” you will receive ‘long’ or ‘short’ signals on a regular basis. Their monthly averages are excellent, it’s rare to see them below a 55% success rate, and they frequently hover between 60-65%. As a Nest Club member you also get access to educational material to help you develop your trading skills, or, depending on the subscription you pay for, access to one-to-one coaching! You can find them here.

What else is to come?
Our Roadmap is ambitious, we have many targets to achieve our ultimate goals. We can’t share most of it, as its proprietary with intentions to Trademark (and where appropriate seek Patents) our future products and services.

But what we can share is this; Within the next few weeks we will be publishing the ecosystem of MGH. This is a collection of selected companies and crypto projects from within our wide network whom we’ve determined offer something of substantial value. The ecosystem covers sectors such as Education; Security; Marketing; DeFi; Fintech; Infrastructure… we anticipate these sectors will expand further before we publish, then continue growing after we publish.

What does this mean for our community, the MGH Pioneers? Well, with certain selected Partners we intend to seek favourable Terms on your behalf such as discounted subscriptions, or reduced rate on transactions and a number of other areas we’re exploring. These benefits will be announced at appropriate times in agreement with our Partners; And we won’t stop seeking these benefits for you!

There are no plans to increase the subscription price at this time, despite inflation devaluation because we want to add value to the subscription you enjoy, not prices. Every 6 months this will be reviewed, and depending on the market conditions there is a potential we may increase the price for new members at some point. But this will not be applied to current members! Loyalty will always be rewarded!

Time-Limited Celebratory Discount!
And to celebrate the introduction of our new TA Signals service we’re offering a time-limited discount:

  • Click on the following link here:
  • Navigate to “Join Now” on the Homepage
  • Enter the Discount Code: JOKER1 (then you’ll see how much the discount is!)
  • Follow further steps

So if you’re not yet a member of the MGH Pioneers then jump on this train before you get left behind!

Referral Program
But that’s not all!

If you make referrals which result in paid subscriptions we’re offering a financial reward!

For every two subscribers you recommend, you get 1 month free subscription. This stacks, so if you’ve referred 4 subscribers you get 2 months free and so on. If you pay via quarterly or annual subscription, we’ll calculate a pro-rata partial refund to this effect.

Simple email me at, put “Referral Program” in the subject line of the email, provide the email addresses of those who’ve subscribed and once we verify we’ll sort it out from our end and email you with confirmation!

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As always, much love and respect to Pioneers present and future! Milky, your Gem Hunter