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Project Development Consultation

In 2022 it is becoming clear projects need help to survive this bear market. An outside perspective offering critical unbiased feedback at an early stage can be the difference between failure and success in the most competitive & fastest growing market in the world.

The rate of new protocols being built upon blockchain technology is increasing at a linear rate. However, most Founders and their teams have little to no prior experience in blockchain technology, so they enter the market with unrealistic expectations and fail as a consequence.

To-date we’ve worked closely with and assisted a numerous projects at various stages of their development and assisted in building them up. But prior to the launch of MGH, this was in an unofficial ad-hoc basis, often simply an extent of the Fundamental Analysis work we performed. Now we've built a structure and team to deliver these services with intent.

The below lists the services MGH provide:  

Fundamental Analysis Auditing:

This is the beginning. An in-depth audit of your project will be completed, covering a range of different sectors. Each sector will include detailed analysis in your report. If you seek to utilise the wider array of our services we will build your project up to MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Level. This will include ongoing auditing which will be frequently updated. Once you're at MVP Level we'll offer to publish your report on our Medium Account, to make it free and accessible to all. We would also provide you an NFT of your FA Audit Certificate which you are free to use on your website or marketing materials. This complements KYC and Security Audit certificates.


An area neglected and ill-considered by the majority of projects. Often a good indication of an amateur development team. We'll offer guidance on improving the breakdown of your entire tokenomic structure. From the distribution of your token supply to your taxes/fees and everything in between. If you're project is suitable we may introduce our own Tokenomic concept. This is to ensure your project is sustainable and attractive to end users and potential investors.


This may be the most important document you create for your project when you start. Utilised effectively it will bring in early investors, it will build your community, it will gain you notoriety and separate you from your competitors. But so many fail to see the strategic advantage of a strong whitepaper and neglect it, often to their detriment. We are experts in Whitepaper analysis and will ensure yours stand out to showcase the true potential of your Project.


MGH directly aren't specialists in Marketing or Social Media promoting. However, we have relationships with those who are. We can introduce you to a world leader in this field. With minimum SLA guarantees of delivery by increasing your exposure through respected media outlets, deliver investment capital, and grow your community to form a strong foundation of your future success.

Commercial Ecosystem Partners:

Networking is integral to our Strategy. If successful you will become part of a growing ecosystem of mutually beneficial services. Whether that’s in Marketing; Fintech; DeFi; Carbon Footprint; Education; Web3; Security or more. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining interoperable ecosystem of Partners who collaborate and elevate each other’s Status, Revenue & USPs. 

Brokering Partnerships:

Perhaps one of the greatest assets we have are the relations built with exceptional projects, usually under the radar. We can make introductions and open the door for Partnership discussions and negotiations to take place. We’d only make recommendations with a project(s) whom add a tangible value to your protocol, and potentially elevate your concept, tech and/or services. 

Project Development:

This could be the complete set of services listed above, or bespoke selected services tailored to your needs. Either way, those who seek this service will be looking to utilise a wider array of our skills, expertise, experience and Ecosystem. We would work closely with the leadership, developers and marketing areas of your Project's Team. To build you up and make you an attractive investment option for VCs and Retail alike. However, not all projects will be eligible for this. A vetting will be completed prior to any agreement and your concept needs to offer a genuine solution.

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