Milky Gem Hunter

About Milky


I entered the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with zero knowledge, like everyone else. Regardless of your knowledge level now, it’s worth remembering we all started out the same way and there is a way forward!

Having invested in stocks (both growth and income-based and doing very well) a friend called me and started talking to me about investing into crypto. I’d heard of crypto (an old flat mate used to mine Bitcoin back in 2013) but other than that, I knew nothing about it.

I got in at the right time, and I’ve never looked back since.


Over the subsequent months after entering Crypto, nearly every trade I made successfully was down to luck. It wasn’t until 6 months after I first entered, spending countless hours researching in my limited free time that I started to grasp how crypto and blockchain technology worked. One morning I woke up and it ‘clicked’ for me. The awareness, understanding, the grasping of concepts and possibilities opened like a floodgate revealing itself to me. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work over a sustained period.



Since then, I have absorbed everything!  My knowledge, work ethic and skill to explain complex matters in a simplified manner has earned the respect of many peers in this space.

In the crypto world I'm known as "Milky", my real name is Chris and I provide Fundamental Analysis on cryptocurrency projects through consistent comprehensive research.

Due to my focus on high-risk assets such as small caps, micro caps and pre-launch projects I've become affectionately known as a "Gem Hunter", which I've incorporated into my profile.

My first paid role was with the CoinsKid Discord community as their Fundamental Analyst. Initially was just a group member, then I started posting my ideas about projects and the reasons for my findings, within a week they asked me to do it in an official capacity and I’ve gone from strength to strength since.

I later spotted an advertisement seeking Fundamental Analysts for the The Birbs Nest, a well-established Trading Community offering expert Mentoring and Educational content. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but I was gaining traction in several communities, so I went for it with encouragement from my peers. I succeeded! Beating hundreds of others arguably more qualified and experienced (at that time), but not as skilled, passionate, or dedicated to the craft. My skillset and exposure accelerated considerably after feedback from my colleagues, and my services became highly sought as a result, from both individual investors and crypto projects.

Due to the experience, skills gained, and relationships built I've been able to expand my service beyond Fundamental Analysis into Consulting. Offering a variety of services tailored to assist projects in their development. I've built a great team around me to ensure we deliver these services to a consistently high standard.

I’m the Chief Operating Officer of this enterprise, ensuring I can continue delivering the highest quality work for all stakeholders without administrative distractions.

Outside of this industry I'm a keen traveller. Although I enjoy cosmopolitan city weekend breaks, my preference is to experience local cultures and learn the history. My recent trip to Ephesus in Turkey was awe-inspiring! I'm expecting to travel more in the years to come, both leisurely and professionally.

Most of All - I love Crypto and the generational opportunity it offers for those who but seek and try!




Milky Gem Hunter