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Milky Gem Hunter
Milky Gem Hunter

Key Metrics

Data Overview as of August 2023, next update due December 2023!

(Note: Our data will be updated at least once per calendar quarter to maintain accuracy and transparency. Future updates will automate this process for a live feed)
Overall Metrics:
Total FA Reports completed, split into categories based on rating, and those we’ve identified as High Risk or Dead as per the August 2023 update:
Completed Report - Breakdown Count
Total Reports Completed 105
Projects Now Classified as High Risk 26
Projects Now Classified Dead 18
Projects Rated High (3.5* or more) 40
Projects Rated Average (3.0*) 31
Projects Rated Poorly (2.5* or less) 34
Performance Metrics - Breakdown:
Combined total of ‘High-Risk’ and ‘Dead’ projects, showing against their original rating, updated August 2023:
Original Rating Projects Now High Risk or Dead Success Rate
High (3.5* or more) 8 80%
Average (3.0*) 5 83.87%
Poor (2.5* or less) 29 85.29%
Data representing total ‘Dead’ projects, showing against their original rating, updated August 2023. As the bear market continues, we anticipate the ‘Poor’ rating % will increase:
Original Rating Dead Projects Success Rate
High (3.5* or more) 3 93.34%
Average (3.0*) 0 100%
Poor (2.5* or less) 13 61.86%
Data representing total ‘High-Risk’ projects, showing against their original rating, updated August 2023. As the bear market continues, we anticipate the ‘Poor’ rating % will increase:
Original Rating High Risk Projects Success Rate
High (3.5* or more) 5 87.5%
Average (3.0*) 5 83.87%
Poor (2.5* or less) 16 53.06%


Our data stands testament to the unmatched quality and professional expertise we bring to our assessments. With a staggering success rate of 93.34%, we're continually refining our approach to achieve our ambitious target of 98% accuracy. As we conclude a full market cycle, anticipate the unveiling of metrics that showcase the triumphant returns of our highly-rated projects.

Embark on this journey to unparalleled excellence with us. Join our community of Pioneers, and arm yourself with unrivalled insights in the crypto market.

FA Reports

Featured Previews

Milky Gem Hunter


Carbify introduces a revolutionary concept in the carbon economy with its 'carbon debits', addressing the shortcomings of traditional carbon credits, which are often speculative and based on unverified data. Carbon debits represent actual, already captured emissions, providing a tangible, reliable alternative. This approach, backed by blockchain technology, ensures transparency, with each NFT tree backed by precise location data and detailed metadata, enhancing authenticity and accountability. Furthermore, Carbify’s collaborative strategy with farmers promotes sustainable land use, bolstered by educational and financial incentives, and monitored for compliance through innovative methods like drone surveillance. This model not only positions Carbify as a technological innovator but also showcases its commitment to environmental sustainability, offering a viable solution in a carbon market that has long been fraught with challenges.

Chainge Finance

Rooted in the Fusion Network, Chainge Finance stands apart from Ethereum-based platforms with unique features like Time-Locking smart contracts, DCRM technology, and advanced Quantum Swaps. These innovations underpin its role as a transformative force in crypto, particularly in commercial transactions. Chainge simplifies complex scenarios, such as international trade, through efficient smart contracts and an escrow system that securely manages funds, thereby mitigating payment default risks. Extending its offerings, Chainge also provides multi-chain Liquidity Pools and 'Futures' Liquidity Pools, introducing new avenues for passive income generation to a broad user base. These solutions offer real world value in the global economy, bridging TradeFi and DeFi together.

Milky Gem Hunter

Milky Gem Hunter

Woo Network

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the WOO Network emerges as a beacon of innovation and expertise. Spearheaded by a team of highly skilled professionals, WOO Network is dedicated to pioneering a multi-chain solution that seamlessly integrates Centralised Exchange (CEX), Decentralised Exchange (DEX), Centralised Finance (CeFi), and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platforms. This ambitious endeavour is not just a technical achievement but also a strategic move to bridge the gap between various facets of the digital finance world, making WOO Network a versatile and comprehensive ecosystem in the crypto landscape. Coupled with an unwavering dedication to transparency, competitive and sustainable tokenomics, and a rich suite of utilities within its ecosystem, WOO Network is not just participating in the industry’s evolution; it is actively shaping it, establishing new standards, and heralding a revolutionary change in the digital finance arena.

About Us

The concept of MGH was born in 2020 when Milky found a passion for unearthing future crypto Gems. Projects which may have gone unnoticed by mainstream influencers or were just starting out.

Without comprehensive regulation in the Crypto market, he soon realised there was an opportunity to provide Audits on projects at a Fundamental level.

An original innovative concept not yet conceived elsewhere; Allowing investors to better understand what Projects they invest in, and to enable Crypto projects to enhance their visibility and make improvements for the benefit of all parties.

On this journey through 2020 and 2021, he met a few Partners & Investors who shared his vision in what he was trying to achieve. The project grew, thus Milky Gem Hunter (for educational services to individuals) and MGH Consulting (for B2B services to strengthen Projects) were formed!

The Mission? To help those seeking to access the Crypto market make more informed decisions; And providing a variety of services to Projects, guiding them to their full potential!

We are excited to be delivering these innovative products to both emerging and established projects; and investors looking to educate themselves further.

Whether you are a Crypto Project or an Investor looking to learn more… We have a solution for you. 

This is just the beginning…! 

Our Mission

We started by providing B2C services through our Fundamental Analysis work. For those who’ve been a part of the Discord communities we’re involved with, these reports were important. Usually for the first time they had access to detailed analysis of crypto projects, presented in a simplified, structured format they could understand. With this knowledge people can make more informed decisions for themselves in what they choose to invest.

But what about more general crypto knowledge? Not just choosing which projects to invest in, but how? Blockchain technology has opened the world to self-custody decentralised finance opportunities. How to develop a passive income strategy you can live on? How to own digital assets which are likely to appreciate in value? How to play games which generate revenue? We answer all these questions and more in Milky Gem Hunter with our educational content delivered through our subscriber panel!

Milky Gem Hunter
Milky Gem Hunter

As part of our Fundamental Analysis work, speaking with projects and building relationships became almost a daily occurrence. Whilst conducting research on them we often provided feedback and advice which helped or saved their project. Over time we understood there are a lot of projects out there which need help, and MGH can help. Crypto has a bad name in traditional media, but crypto isn’t bad. Nor are a lot of those trying to build something within it. It’s often simple issues such as inexperience, bad advice, not performing due diligence, lack of understanding of blockchain technology or token economics etc. But the people themselves are passionate and have an idea they want to build on.

That’s where MGH Consulting come in! We have combined the knowledge, skills, experience, and network together; for our team to develop your concept into reality! Visit our dedicated platform www.mghconsulting.io to learn more...

Our Ecosystem

Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter Milky Gem Hunter

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