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Lossless Partnership Announcement

Date: Monday June 5th 2023

Fellow Pioneers!!

We’re ecstatic to announce our latest partnership, with Lossless!

Blockchain security is the most necessary but generally the most overlooked aspect of any project’s development. A recent example was to Atomic Wallet just a few days ago, one of the world’s leading soft wallets.

Lossless offer several market leading products:

• ‘Aegis’, the first line of defence. A security alert firewall!

• ‘Protocol’, the last line of defence. Alert > Track > Freeze > Recover!

• ‘Wrapping’, any wrapped token is protected by the Lossless Protocol, even if your wallet is hacked!

Lossless is necessary for crypto to achieve mainstream adoption. Smart Contract Audits are useful for identifying vulnerabilities previously missed, but Lossless offer ongoing support to keep a project safe!

The exceptional technology this team have brought to life will be industry leaders, and MGH Consulting will be assisting to this end.

Our key goals in this worthy endeavour!

  1. Align Lossless with other service providers for partnerships
  2. Bring more cryptocurrency projects to Lossless built on compatible networks
  3. Secure grant funding with other networks to implement compatibility of Lossless’s solutions

If you’re a Founder or Chief Engineer of a project built on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Harmony or Elysium then reach out today here and found out how Lossless will keep your projects future secure! Lossless are expanding all the time, so reach out anyway to find out if they can help you!

Milky, your Gem Hunter

Better Together!

You can find more information on Lossless here; and on our services here.