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Partnership Announcement

Monday, 01 May 2023

Hello fellow Pioneers!!

I’m very happy to share our first Partnership announcement with SolidProof!

As in any industry Security Auditors come in all shapes and sizes. During our fundamental analysis auditing work we see many security audits and what is clear, not all of them are diligent in their work. Without the clarity of minimum standards set out in regulation some essentially sell audits, and the lack of diligence has a devastating effect on the projects who still suffer hacks via exploits missed in an audit, resulting in significant financial loss for all stakeholders.

Through our work we identified auditors whose skillset and assiduity is consistently excellent, and SolidProof are up there with the very best. Don’t simply take our word for it, they’re also a member of the DeFi Security Alliance as shown here.

This Partnership will guarantee crypto projects can feel assured they’re getting what they pay for, and investors will understand the teams have been provided with the very best service to safeguard their own network and protocol to deliver on the promise of their solution.

Together, we provide world’s first ‘Triumvirate’ of Auditing solutions:

  • Smart Contract Security
  • KYC
  • Fundamental Analysis

Together, MGH Consulting and SolidProof will help make this industry a safer place to operate and invest!

Keep an eye out for more Partnership Announcements in the coming weeks!

Milky, your Gem Hunter

Better Together!

You can find more information on SolidProof here; and on our services here.